Travis At The Palace: Live At Alexandra Palace Review

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by AVForums Jul 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Filmed in December 2003 at Alexandra Palace, this show was completely sold out with over 8,000 people in the audience. This disc aims to bring Travis' unique mix of melancholy, melodic and rock music to your screening room.

    Present here are 22 tracks ranging from hits such as the banjo-led “Sing” through to Fran Healeys' (self-admitted) first attempt at a live rendition of the piano-led “Some Sad Song” and a seasonally-inspired rendition of “Last Christmas”.

    As always with music discs, how much you enjoy this release will depend not only on your musical tastes but, ultimately, on the performance of the band and the audiences' reaction to it. In this respect the concert was a success at the time and makes a belting DVD release now. Footage of the show is pretty much what you'd expect with shots of the band being interspersed with “flying camera” shots and close ups of the audience enjoying the show. The bands' performance is first rate throughout as they work through a varied and, for the most part entertaining set with only “Peace The **** Out” seeming strangely out of place towards the end of the show, being book ended by the fun rendition of “Last Christmas” and an excellent live version of “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”.

    Thoroughly enjoyable and, whilst not as good as being at a live concert, at least you can ensure top-notch sound quality and you won't end up freezing cold and with a long journey home afterward.
    Travis At The Palace Set List

    Happy To Hang Around


    Writing To Reach You

    Pipe Dreams



    Love Will Come Through

    The Fear

    The Beautiful Occupation


    Mid-Life Krysis

    As You Are


    Somewhere Else

    All I Want To Do Is Rock

    The Humpty Dumpty Love Song


    Some Sad Song

    Last Christmas

    Coming Around

    Peace The F*** Out

    Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

    The Rundown

    OUT OF
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