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by AVForums Jan 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Toy Story 2 Review
    “The Toys Are Back!”

    Rarely are sequels better than the original, think for instance of The Matrix and its two terrible sequels, Speed and that god awful Speed 2 and how about XXX and XXX 2. (ok, both where pretty bad but the sequel was a joke!) Get the idea? Most sequels are made purely to cash in on the success of the original and thus do not have the originality and innovation of its predecessor.

    There are exceptions though, not many mind, but a few. X-Men 2 bettered the first as did Spiderman 2 and who can forget the incredible Terminator 2. All these managed to capture the magic which made the original so good, yet added a new layer which enhanced the experience. But there is one more movie which can be added to this small but distinguished list of sequel sensations, that movie is Toy Story 2.

    Toy Story 2 is just pure joy to watch for any age group. Children love the magical world of toys brought to life, the colourful characters within this world and the adventures they have. Adults on the other hand chuckle at the subtle jokes making reference to other movies and events and admire the incredible animation on display plus both young and old can revel in the simple but captivating storyline which holds all these elements together so well.

    Toy Story 2 centres on Woody this time and tells how whilst Andy is away at summer camp, he is stolen by a greedy toy store owner who knows that Woody is the final piece needed to complete a toy collection called 'Woody's Roundup Gang' which when all pieces are present, will be worth a fortune. Woody meets the other members of this gang; Jessie the cowgirl, Bullseye the horse and old Stinky Pete the Prospector who together proceed to inform him that they all are going to be shipped off to a toy museum in Tokyo, Woody included. Woody must then decide whether to go or stay and try to escape back to his friends and his owner Andy. Whilst he considers his options, all his friends from home including Buzz Lightyear embark on a mission to rescue Woody from his captor.

    Toy Story 2 is an endearing and captivating movie which manages to both entertain and excite. It is a family movie in the truest sense of the word and is one of those few films which stands up well to many, many repeat viewings. The animation is a revelation and is so multi-faceted and sumptuous that you can almost just turn down the sound and look at the picture also it is a vast improvement over the original Toy Story.

    The 'buddy' partnership of Buzz ( Tim Allen) and Woody (Tom Hanks) works impeccably and their very different, but equally brilliant sense of humour bounces off each other with perfection. Toy Story 2 is a great animated movie; in fact it is a great movie period. Toy Story 3 is in production and I for one cannot wait for the sequel that will better the sequel which bettered the original.... Now that would be a rare occurrence.

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