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by AVForums Jun 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Torque Review
    Brought to us by the producer of such fuel injected “classics” The Fast And The Furious and xXx it should come as no surprise that Torque follows the same well tried and tested formula of its forerunners. Sadly, whilst those two movies have a certain charismatic charm, Torque seems to miss the mark by a rather large margin.

    Martin Henderson plays leather clad motor biker Cary Ford - the quintessential tough guy with a heart. Returning from self-imposed exile after “borrowing” a few motorcycles from archrival Henry James Matt Schulze, Ford knows he's in for a hard time - those bikes harbour a fortune in drugs. And so the story, such as it is, is set... How does Ford give back the only thing that's keeping him alive? To make matters even more frantic rival biker gang thug Trey, Ice Cube, is also gunning for Ford. And now the Feds are on his trail. Is there a way out? Monet Mazur who plays Shane - the girl he left behind - supplies the obligatory love interest.

    Movies regularly employ a triangle of characters so that every moral base can readily be covered. They're usually depicted as the guy with morals, the guy who has morals but doesn't often live by them, and the out and out selfish nutter. Or to put it another way - the good the bad and the ugly... hey, that's a snazzy little title! Anyway, for such characterisation to work each actor needs not only a certain quality of dialogue, but must also be aware of the, sometimes subtle, intensity required to pull off what is, essentially, pure Hollywood razzamatazz. When it works you are almost guaranteed an enjoyable couple of hours of action movie mayhem as with The Fast And The Furious. Replace - the cars with motorcycles... OK. Replace Paul Walker with Martin Henderson... I guess it could work. No need to replace Matt Schulze... he knows how to play the unpleasant ruffian. But take out Vin Diesel and replace him with chubby, “Look at me, I've taken facial expression lessons from Mr. T”, Ice Cube? That decision alone means this supremely mediocre movie doesn't stand much of a chance.

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