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by AVForums Jul 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    It's a shame that whoever makes these decisions has chosen a full frame release is all that's required... added to a lack lustre image with grey blacks, soft focus and lack of contrast levels and you can guess that this is one concert that will not look its best blown up to big projector-size proportions. There are times when vertical scan lines are apparent and image quality overall is not quite up to usual DVD standards - the picture seems to have suffered in its NTSC to Pal transfer... at least colours are rich and reasonably vivid, and I didn't notice any edge enhancement. Still below what we've come to expect from the DVD medium, though.
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    Thankfully audio-wise things improve, substantially. Bass, in particular, is rich sounding, full and tight. I had the feeling that a few of the bands here had seen better days - none more so than The Rolling Stones, who are the star attraction. Mick Jagger tries his best, but even he cannot disguise, that on this performance at least, The Stones are well passed their sell by date - they were off key, out of tune and out of time and were soundly beaten in the “star quality” stakes by the not-so-young-themselves cult band AC/DC. But perhaps I'm being overly critical - although none of the bands sounded at their peak, what has been laid down here is definitely enjoyable and diverse. The 448Kbps Dolby Digital track takes the honours over the stereo track, being tighter and conveying a sense of being there a bit more than the PCM track. Having said that, even the Dolby track cannot hide the fact that there is a lack of “integration” for want of a better word; I'm not sure if it's because most of the concert is performed during daylight hours, but I always had the feeling that the audio didn't quite tie in with the image and things had a “distant” quality, not quite placing the viewer in the very heart of the action. As dusk gives way to full fledged evening darkness and the superstar geriatrics finally take the stage this changes a little and we're able to rock with Jagger and Co. in a more encapsulating fashion. Good stuff.
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    Supplemental features are merely a series of behind the scenes shorts; short being the word, here... none lasts longer than 5mins and 44 secs., which means the total time of all extras is a mere 23mins.

    Strangely, clips taken from the show have better image quality here than when seen in the show itself! Best of the bunch of “mini-features” for me would have to be Director's Chair” - I do not want to be a live concert director... ever!Extras are short... and not so sweet, then, which is a shame... I wanted more! There is a 2 disc region 1 release - perhaps this should be checked out before spending your hard earned.
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    If Toronto Rocks is available cheaply then it may be worth your while purchasing, just don't expect too much - this is almost cabaret time! AC/DC still rock, though!!
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £17.99

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