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by AVForums Oct 1, 1999 at 12:00 AM

    Titanic DVD Review
    SRP: £24.99


    The length of this movie, coupled with the 13 subtitle options, means that there just isn't a lot of space left over for supplementary features. All that you'll find is the theatrical trailer, but at least we're in the same boat (no pun intended) as the rest of the world.


    Despite not being anamorphic, this is a superlative image with no visible flaws at all. Check out the impressive level of detail on the sunken wreckage of the Titanic in Chapter 2, 0:03:47; the disc demonstrates great handling of variable brightness and colour in Chapter 3, 0:08:33; the scale and detail offered by the first full view of Titanic is mind-blowing in Chapter 6, 0:25:28; a view of the boat at night demonstrates the disc's handling of subtle colour in Chapter 7, 0:30:48; a haunting image of a woman's submerged body is illuminated with fantastic lighting in Chapter 26, 2:32:45; an image so sharp that you can practically see every bone break during the fall in Chapter 27, 2:36:31.


    Exemplary use of sound - this disc is one that you'll be showing your friends for months to come. A helicopter swoops through the speakers and on to the screen in Chapter 4, 0:12:50; as a flashback fades in Chapter 4, 0:15:19, you find yourself in the bowels of the research vessel with subtle mechanical sounds all around you; as Titanic leaves Southampton in Chapter 6, 0:25:48, the horns will blow you out of your seat; the 'good ol' Oirish' party in Chapter 11, 1:03:18, hurls your speakers right into the heart of the action; the horrific squealing of the iceberg ripping through the metal hull in Chapter 16, 01:36:41; the Captain's last moments on the submerged bridge, surrounds you with the sound of ice-cold water crushing glass and metal in Chapter 25, 2:27:40.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.99

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