Thinkware F770 Dash Cam Video Review

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£250? To cover your rear in glorious Full HD, it's well worth it!

by Greg Hook Mar 21, 2017 at 7:07 AM

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    Thinkware F770 Dash Cam Video Review
    SRP: £249.99

    What is the Thinkware F770?

    Dash Cams are very quickly becoming one of the must-have additions to your vehicle. Whether that's to enable you to endlessly post videos of your driving adventures on YouTube or for more serious concerns such as protecting yourself if you are involved in an accident or from 'crash for cash' scams.

    There are a huge variety of dash cams available today to cover most budgets with a fair chunk of those offering the sort of recording quality that drivers a few years ago could only have dreamed about. It’s no longer a case of having to squint through the grain to make out any details, you can now have glorious Full HD 1080P and in some cases 4K recording capabilities at your disposal. Along with other features such as Wi-Fi, GPS and safety camera warnings.

    The latest Dash Cam for review is from Thinkware, a 20-year-old Korean-based company specialising in location based services and Smart Car Information technologies. Their Dual Camera F770 offers both front and rear Full HD 1080P recording, GPS, Wi-Fi and a comprehensive Road Safety Warning system that includes safety cameras, front collision and lane departure warnings. Retailing at £250 it’s amongst the top end of Dash Cams but the features and specification do appear to justify that sort of price tag. Read on and have a look at our in-depth video review as we put this Dash Cam through its paces.

    Thinkware F770 Video Review

    Detailed Specifications:
    • Camera: Sony Exmor CMOS 2.19M(Same for rear camera)
    • Recording: Front & Rear Full HD (1920 x 1080P) 30FPS
    • Capacity: Micro SD Card 16GB / 32GB / 64GB UHS-I
    • Recording Modes: Continuous Recording, Incident Recording, Manual Recording, Audio Recording
    • Road Safety Warning System: Safety Camera, Lane Departure, Front Collision
    • Video Enhancement: Super Night Vision, Wide Dynamic Range, Night time Correction, Automatic Exposure
    • Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)
    • GPS: Embedded GPS
    • Power: Input Power: DC 12/24V (Rear view camera: 3.3V DC)
    • LED: Security LED / Operation Status LED/ GPS Receiver LED/ Wi-Fi LED
    Thinkware F770

    Dashcam Viewer Software and App

    The F770 desktop software, available for both PC and Mac, provides you with a very easy way to configure the camera’s settings and view recorded videos including data such as speed and location. Both front and rear recordings are shown together. The system firmware can also be updated via the desktop software.
    Thinkware F770   Dashcam Viewer Software and App
    The app, available on both iOS and Android is an essential requirement as it includes a live view mode to ensure you can correctly position the cameras as the F770 has no display. It offers the same settings available on the desktop software with the addition of the Wi-Fi settings.
    Thinkware F770   Dashcam Viewer Software and App


    OUT OF


    • Front and rear 1080P HD recording
    • Easy to use app and desktop software
    • Comprehensive road safety warning system
    • Wide dynamic range
    • Wi-Fi


    • No battery
    • No display
    • GPS susceptible to heated front windscreen elements
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    Thinkware F770 Dash Cam Video Review

    Our first impressions of the Thinkware F770 were not great, being greeted with a dash cam with no display and one that felt very lightweight to boot, it did not fill us with hope especially when coupled with a £250 price tag. Thankfully these first impressions were found to be incorrect and our fears were quickly put to rest as we discovered what an excellent product it was.

    The F770 offers a superb specification for the money. With both Front and Rear cameras that recorded in excellent quality Full HD 1080P along with a whole host of other features such as GPS, Wi-Fi and an impressive Road Safety Warning System that we haven’t seen before including Safety Camera, Lane Departure and even a Front Collision warning system. No parking mode as standard in the version we reviewed, although a hardwire version is available for the same price excluding of course the installation.

    Our only real negative with the whole system was regarding the GPS and the fact that it is adversely affected by cars with metallic elements in the windscreen. If the GPS doesn’t connect fully not only do the recordings not show your speed or location, the whole Road Safety Warning system is turned off meaning you get no safety camera warnings at all. Thinkware do acknowledge this as an issue, if you car has no heated front screen then you won’t have an issue at all, but if it does then you may have to trial the F770 prior to purchase to ensure it works.

    But, that was really our only negative, we didn’t have anything else to complain about. The package is very generous including a 32GB micro SD card and adaptor, plus a tiny USB micro SD card adapter and plenty of sticky mounts for cable tidying. Overall we were very impressed with the Thinkware F770 and are happy to award this an AVForums Recommended badge.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £249.99

    The Rundown

    Build Quality


    Ease of Use




    Video Image Quality


    Value for Money




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