The Who: Live in Boston Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Who: Live in Boston Review
    Filmed in September 2002 Live in Boston USA, the tour from which this concert is featured was made all the more difficult with the sudden passing away of Bass Guitarist John Entwhistle days before opening night. This DVD serves as both an eye-opener to The Who's never ending talent with plenty of classics but some newer tracks too, and a Memorial to their bassist John.

    Without legendary drummer Keith Moon (possibly the greatest drummer the world will ever see who tragically died in '78) one wonders how The Who are still going, and could they possibly still be as good as when they were at their peak. True fans will tell you nothing can match The Who of the seventies, but this, the new and updated band, rock n roll every bit as hard as they originally did. Appreciated there aren't the memorable antics of Moon at the back of the stage, but Zak Starkey drums almost as well as the man. How Roger Daltrey's gravel voice hits those notes he does without straining I will never know, and Pete Townshend goes in and out of dramatic guitar solos quicker than the flick of a light switch! Fantastic stuff to watch, and a brilliant listen.

    We are treated to the concert in its entirety; so this includes Townshend's random story telling to the audience, his personal introductions to each and every number (as Roger Daltrey slinks into the background but then comes out wailing when the tune kicks in!), the relentless use of the word fuck and countless solos thrown into every empty second!!!

    These guys still do, and always will, ROCK AND ROLL!

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