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by AVForums Aug 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Wedding Date Review
    Kat Ellis had been going out with Jeffrey for seven years and then suddenly it was all over. Moving back to New York, Kat is determined to get her life in order but being invited to your half sister's wedding to all round good guy, Ed is fine except Jeffrey is the best man. Having no boyfriend Kat decides to hire a male escort, Nick for the duration of the wedding celebrations. However hiring Nick to prove to Jeffrey she is over him is the very least of Kat's problems.

    Kat, unfortunately begins to fall for the handsome stranger she found in a magazine. Nick on the other hand sees Kat as a long line of 'clients' for him to entertain. It doesn't quite work out how both of them intended and we are set for an extremely predictable romantic comedy with an almost role reversal of 'Pretty Woman' i.e. Nice girl falling for hunky gigolo instead of hunky businessman falling for nice lady of the night. Both lead stars, Messing and Mulroney are comfortable in their roles and have a fair amount of on screen chemistry. Not being particularly familiar with Messing's work having never seen an episode of Will and Grace, I found her character of Kat, likeable and engaging. Mulroney on the other hand is fine in his role as professional love machine, Nick. He actually displays some emotional depth to what is really quite a thinly written role and like Messing's character he is immediately likeable.

    Supporting Messing and Mulroney are plenty of familiar faces to British television viewers including Sarah (Cutting It) Parrish playing the party loving cousin of Kat, Jeremy (Holby City) Sheffield as smooth Jeffrey and finally veteran British actor Peter Egan playing Kat's Stepfather who is always at hand to dispense a dry line or offer advice. The film makes good use of English locations and even makes Gatwick Airport convincing as an American airport.

    Being a British film (with two imported American stars) you are treated to the stereotypical middleclass wedding of a country house and beautiful church in a small village. Apart from these annoying clichés, The Wedding Date is an excellent 'chick flick' or it could be described as an enjoyable romantic comedy with a very predictable script. Whatever label you bestow upon it, The Wedding Date is a pleasant viewing experience to spend an evening in with your loved one complete with a nice bottle of red or white.

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