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by Simon Crust Jun 3, 2006 at 12:00 AM

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    The disc has been given a broadcast correct 1.78:1 aspect picture that has been anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TVs. On the whole, the picture is all rather dark, an intentional product, but thankfully never gloomy. Colours there are well represented and solid enough, contrast and brightness was set very low giving rise to a dark picture, but there is plenty of detailing so the is never any image loss, plus the blacks are plenty deep enough. Digitally there was no compression problems neither was there any edge enhancement and I spotted no original print problems either, it was crisp and clear too. It never managed to break from its TV origins though, perhaps a function of the framing, or the lighting, it looks like TV. Without the lustre or sheen required for a reference score the picture was well above average.

    The Triangle Picture


    Two English Dolby Digital tracks to choose from, a 5.1 and a 2.0 surround. The 5.1 track was rather limited to the frontal array, not to surprising considering the origins, you have to wait to the end of episode three before there are any decent surround effect, and even then they are limited to thunder and rain. There is decent enough separation with a range that includes enough bass to make a difference with dialogue being clear and precise, and always from the front. In the end somewhat understated, but for TV I was more than happy.

    The Triangle Sound


    Aside from the various trailers there was disappointingly only one extra, the made for TV Sci-fi Inside: The Triangle, basically a making of the series. Actually this was pretty good, there were plenty of interviews with cast and crew alike all having a deal of screen time to talk about their own interpretations and motivations about the show; there is a little behind the scenes footage as well as some finished product. Narration is provided by Phillips, there is fair information given even if, in the end, it does come off as a rather self congratulatory piece.

    The Triangle Extras


    For a slick piece of TV entertainment The Triangle manages to push all the right buttons, just don't think about the answers it gives, accept and all will be ok. As a package, good picture and sound are slightly let down by a distinct lack of extras, but the set looks good and has entertainment value.

    The Triangle Verdict

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