The Terminator Review

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by AVForums Feb 11, 2007 at 12:00 AM

    The Terminator Review
    For movies such as this that almost all fans of cinema will know, there's probably not a huge point in going into too much detail about the actual movie. I mean, you know the story, right? The actors, the sequels, even the director, right? Oh well, just in case......

    In 2029, giant super computers dominate the planet, hell-bent on exterminating the human race. And to destroy one man's future by changing the past, they send an indestructible force - a Terminator - back in time to kill Sarah Connor, the woman whose unborn child will become mankind's only hope. But can Sarah protect herself from this unstoppable menace to save the life of her unborn child? Or will the human race be extinguished by the metallic Terminator.

    So, that's the movie in a nut shell, and chances are you are a fan or not. Me? Well, it's probably Arnold's finest performance, bolstered by the fact he doesn't say too much. It pretty much brought James Cameron to the dance and enabled him to inflict that bloody boat movie on us, so while the movie is entertaining sci-fi, it has a legacy that caused myself more cinematic misery than any other. Well, other than Mary Poppins.

    Ultimately it is a thrill ride, with action set pieces that are pretty unrelenting, and as an aside, you can play spot the star before they were famous (there's a few). But when all is said and done, it is, certainly in my opinion the best of the trilogy, but then, you all knew that.

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