The Sum of All Fears Review

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by Phil Hinton Jun 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Sum of All Fears Review
    After nearly ten years in the wilderness, Jack Ryan returns to the silver screen in an all new adventure. What Paramount have done is take the story of Jack Ryan back to the start of his career with the CIA, yet keep it in today's timeline. We also get a new actor playing the part of Ryan in the shape of Ben Affleck, and he really does a great job in the role.
    The Russian President dies and is succeeded by a man with a cryptic past, and it appears that Russian scientists are developing more nuclear weapons. In a belief that the cold war is about to start again, East - West relations become very tense. Ryan's investigations however revel that there is a terrorist syndicate at work, planning to provoke a war between the two superpowers. Can Ryan convince the powers what is actually happening before Armageddon?
    The Sum of All Fears is an action packed thriller that moves with great pace. The new faces in the franchise work well, and Affleck does a commendable job in his portrayal of a young and ambitious Ryan. This edition is reviewed as a complete boxset with; The Hunt for Red October; Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger.

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