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by Phil Hinton May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Statement Review
    Based on the acclaimed novel by Brian Moore, directed by the venerated Norman Jewison, and written by Oscar-winner Brian Harwood, The Statement is a surprising, thriller that delves into a fascinating chapter in modern events.

    In June 1944, in Rillieux-la-Pape, France, seven Jews were executed by members of the Milice, a special military force created by the Vichy government to carry out orders from the Nazi occupiers. Some of those responsible were prosecuted after the war, others rose to power and some like Pierre Brossard (Michael Caine), eluded capture and disappeared. A new and ambitious Judge and the head of the local police force reopen Brossard's case and try to track him down, at the same time a group of militant Jews are trying to do the same thing and kill him. A cat and mouse chase ensues and Brossard must remain elusive while trying to figure out who is after him.

    Michael Caine provides an excellent performance as the hateful Brossard, bringing to life this despicable man who does every thing he can to elude capture and punishment for his crimes. The supporting cast work well and the direction and script are tight, building a nice tension up to the end. Not your usual Hollywood blockbuster, The Statement is certainly worthy of your time and I can recommend it as at least a rental if not a keeper.

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