The Simpsons Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Fourth complete Season collection from the Simpsons, and they just get better and better. Season Four spans 1992-1993 and sees an improvement in the quality of animation from the first three seasons, there is also a definite maturity to these episodes as the target audience swings more to the childish adult than the child. Underlying adult themes are more the norm than before, and all the better for it!

    This season sees the family get into all kinds of adventures. Bart falls in love, Marge becomes a cop, and an actress, and Lisa earns the role of Little Miss Springfield (if not a little short lived). This season really belongs to Homer though, a great role model for us men who like to sit on our fat behinds watching TV and drinking beer!! When not perfecting the “butt groove” on his couch Homer manages to become a Monorail driver, Snow Plough tycoon, Bigger Brother to homeless boy Pepi (or “Pepsi” as Homer would say!), a hardcore snake killer, he even loses weight and grows a fourth hair.... Brilliant.

    The Rundown

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