The Simpsons Review

Hop To

by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Four hilarious episodes, loosely themed around new technology, that sees Homer cause the Y2K bug, battle the crusty old dean of Springfield University, and take on the robots of Itch and Scratchy land!! A bonus 2-minute clip show profiling Professor Frink gets a couple more laughs in!!

    Treehouse of Horror XAn excellent Holloween special where Homer causes the Y2K bug to destroy the world, Bart and Lisa become StretchDude and ClobberGirl, and Marge and Homer try to cover up a murder!

    Homer Goes to CollegeAfter dramatically failing a Nuclear Safety Test, Homer must enrol into college where things have all changed since the days of Jocks and Nerds! Homer must now enlist the aid of three geeks to get him through the course, and of course stick it to the crusty old dean...

    Das BusOtto is entrusted with the Springfield kids safety as they embark on a model UN society outing (“Remember Otto, we are trusting you with our greatest natural resource - the school-bus.”). Destined to failure from the start, the kids find themselves stranded on an island where they must survive or be eaten by the mysterious monster a la Lord of the Flies.

    Itchy and Scratchy LandThe Simpsons go on vacation to Itchy and Scratchy land - the home of cartoon violence. It's not long before Bart and Homer find themselves in detention for harassing the park staff! Things then take a turn for the worse as the robot cartoon parade act out Professor Frinks Chaos theory and turn on their masters!!

    The Rundown

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