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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    A hilarious selection of battling Simpsons episodes as the family take on corruption, each other and Australia!

    Homer versus Lisa and the 8th Commandment Homer pays a dodgy cableguy for free cable, but a Sunday school sermon on the subject of Hell causes concern for Lisa as she becomes obsessed with obeying the ten commandments for fear of going to hell. Lisa wants the ill-gotten cable unplugged but Homer has invited the whole town over for the big Pay TV boxing match!!

    Marge versus the Monorail The town is conned into spending their whole public transport budget on an unneeded monorail system. Marge smells something fishy and travels to North Haverbrook to see how their new monorail has affected the town, all is not good. She returns, but too late as new monorail driver Homer has already set it going on it's path to destruction! Watch out for a hilarious Leanord Nimoy appearance.

    Bart Versus Australia Trying to discover if toilets flush in an anti-clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere, Bart makes a collect call to Australia that lasts six hours! Brino Dundridge from Australia precedes legal action against Bart to recover the 900 dollar bill he has just received from the telephone company. This causes a highly amusing international scene and the Simpsons are flown down under by the American government for Bart to defend himself in court. The penalty - a booting.

    Homer Versus Patty and Selma Homer is having money problems and must ultimately borrow money to pay the mortgage from his worst nightmares - Marge's sisters. Meanwhile Bart is late in for school on Gym Class sign-up day. By the time he arrives the only class left to take is ballet! Homer, now in debt to Patty and Selma, takes on a second job as a limo driver but while driving Mel Brooks to the airport is stopped by Chief Wiggum for not having a Chauffeurs Licence! The only people that can arrange for Homer's chauffeur licence are Patty and Selma...

    The Rundown

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