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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    See Bart and Homer's love interests, Lisa at her most distressed and ultimately revengeful, and Springfield's oldest secret is revealed

    The Last Temptation of HomerMichelle Pfeifer guest Stars as a sexy new employee at the nuclear power plant who shares Homers love of food and laziness! Homer tries to avoid her (and the risqué thoughts he keeps having about her) for the sake of his marriage, until one day they are both sent on a business trip together... Meanwhile Bart is having problems with school bullies. After being prescribed hair scalp cream, thick rimmed glasses and giant feet adjusting boots he must befriend the schools biggest nerds to stay out of the bully's reach.

    New Kid on the BlockThe newer of the episodes on this disc sees guest star Sara Gilbert (of Roseanne fame) move in next door and Bart finds himself falling for her. When she turns up to baby-sit he thinks he's in but all is not good - she has a boyfriend, and his name is Jimbo Jones the school bully. Bart has a crafty trick up his sleeve involving one prank call, one angry Moe the barman and a 12” knife!

    Bart after DarkWhile trying to retrieve a lost Frisbee, Bart causes damage to an “evil old witches” house and is promptly sentenced by Homer to work off his debt at her house to learn a lesson. Only not everything in the house is as it seems as Bart finds himself surrounded by scantily clad young ladies, illegal gambling and drinking, in what turns out to be a local house of Burlesque!! The whole town is in an uproar over the moral issues of such a place (“Won't somebody please think of the children!”) yet every man in town is eager to see the place left alone....

    Lisa's RivalA first season classic that sees a new girl join Lisa's school class (guest star Winona Ryder), who is both smarter and more popular than Lisa. This gets Lisa very worried, especially when she finds out her new enemy is a year younger than her too!! Homer on the other hand has struck white gold - a sugar truck recently crashed by Hans Moleman is left under Homers protection, so he steals all the sugar! Homer quickly forms his own local sugar delivery business but unfriendly sugar thieves drive the man to insanity as he tries to protect his stock!

    The Rundown

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