The Simpsons Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Four hilarious sporting episodes and a comically narrated 2-minute short on the sporting exploits of the Simpsons - chock full of wince-worthy physical humour!

    Faith OffImpressed by travelling preacher Brother Faith's miracle healing powers (well, he removed a bucket from Homer's head), Bart begins preaching at school and finds he too has a talent for faith healing. Bart and the kids build themselves their own tent for Bart to preach in where his powers are seen by all. But can Bart pull something out the bag at the big Springfield University football match to heal the star player?

    The Homer they Fall Moe witnesses Homer take a beating from the school bully's parents without falling once. Never one to miss an opportunity Moe tells how he was once the famous boxer Kid Gorgeous, later on Kid Presentable, then Kid Gruesome, and finally Kid Moe. He introduces Homer to his old Manager and puts him up against various bums and hobos until Homer gets his chance to take on Drederick Tatum, Heavyweight Champ!!

    Lisa on IceAfter receiving a demerit for failing gym class, Lisa must join a little league team to gain bonus marks from her teacher. When Apu discovers Lisa's talent for Hockey goalkeeping she takes Millhouses place on the team! Bart begins to lose his cool as Lisa takes all the glory on and off the ice until ultimately their teams must play each other in what builds up to be a brother V sister deathmatch!

    Dancin' HomerIn this old classic Homer finds his hidden talent as a mascot for the local Springfield Isotopes Minor League baseball team and pulls them out of a record losing streak. His talents become big news and he is called up to Capitol City to star alongside the legendary, Capitol City Goofball.

    The Rundown

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