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by Phil Hinton May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    As well as releasing the season box sets Fox Home Entertainment have put together some excellent themed Simpson's collections on DVD encompassing episodes from various seasons on one disc. This collection focuses on a party theme and features the following episodes.

    Homer's Night Out

    From the first season Bart orders a CIA spy camera and after a six month wait sets out to photograph the unusual. Meanwhile Homer is going to a stag night and Marge takes the kids to a restaurant, however it's the same venue as Homer's party and Bart's spy camera captures Homer with a lap dancer. It is not long before the photo gets out into the public and once Marge realises what Homer has been up to, he is for the high jump.

    Homer The Moe

    Moe the bartender is losing his faith in his chosen profession and heads back to bar college leaving Homer in charge. Moe soon returns and rips down his old bar building a modern watering hole for the young. Having lost their favourite bar Homer builds his own in the garage with live music thanks to REM.

    Sunday Cruddy Sunday

    Homer organises a trip to the super bowl but on arrival they find that the tickets are forfeit and get thrown into the jail cell at the stadium. Dolly Parton comes to the rescue and the gang from Springfield find an empty executive box complete with buffet. However when the real owner, Rupert Murdoch turns up once again Homer and co are on the run.

    The Mansion Family

    When Springfields oldest resident wins an award and then falls down dead after being kissed by Britney Spears, the award defaults to Mr Burns. Realising he is getting old Burns heads for a medical check up and in the meantime allows the Simpson family to look after his mansion. It is not long before the house is wrecked by Homer and Bart and that's before the pirates get them.

    The Rundown

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