The September Sessions Review

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by Phil Hinton Jul 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The September Sessions Review
    Sun's out ... surf's up ... time to hit the beach. But before you do, we check out “The September Sessions” and see a master at work. Back in 1999, Jack Johnson (world-renowned surfer dude) and a group of pals - who also happened to be some of the world's best surfers - travelled to the Mentawais Islands for a Surfer Magazine boat trip. What they found was a surfer's paradise.
    This DVD, "The September Sessions", is a record of that trip with
    Interviews and features music by Jack Johnson. An award winning follow-up to Surfer Magazine's Video of the Year, “The September Sessions” is a remarkable visual and musical experience that captures the essence of surfing - it features, amongst others, six-time World Champion Kelly Slater.
    Besides being pretty good on a board, Jack Johnson is also a dude musician and filmmaker. “The September Sessions” DVD is his second movie, plus he's recorded three albums and is currently touring the States with Ben Harper. Is there nothing this man can't do...!

    If you like Surfing and watching the worlds best in action, then you can do worse than pick this disc up. If Surfing is not your thing you are unlikely to find 45 minutes of surfing footage any fun, but then again...

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