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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Rundown DVD Review
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    Framed at 2.35:1 the Anamorphic Widescreen picture is, on the whole, a joy to behold. I saw no evidence of edge enhancement and colours are vibrant, with skin tones in particular looking natural throughout. There is a touch of video noise at times, for instance when Beck first enters the Brazilian bar, but this is a fairly minor point - overall the image here is first rate and if you ever wanted to count the finely cropped hairs on The Rock's head - well here's your chance!

    Aside from the slightly noisy image there are a couple of occasions when the computer generated graphics department let the side down, but now I'm quibbling - no matter how hard I try I'm left with the fact that the picture here is out of the top drawer. Could it be bettered? Undoubtedly - I think something like a Superbit version, for instance, may very well take this up a notch; but if I owned this release with its shiny outer slip cover and nicely detailed picture quality I don't think even a Superbit re-release would be enough to tempt me to trade. Hmmm, but they come with a DTS soundtrack as well, don't they - could that tempt me, I wonder? Let's see.
    The Rundown Picture


    When I first got into surround sound I had the very latest in sound and picture technology - a Toshiba TV complete with a built in Dolby Pro Logic amplifier. Man was I disappointed! Times, of course, change and technology, thankfully, moves on; I'm happy to say that as I listened to the Dolby Digital 5.1 (448Kbps) offering here I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Don't get me wrong - this is no Lord Of The Rings and there is little, if any, subtlety to the soundtrack. So, if you're tired or weary this may not be the time for watching The Rundown. However, if you want to feel the full onslaught of six speakers doing their best to relieve you of your ability to hear, then prepare to be entertained!

    When you consider that Beck doesn't like guns there are a hell of a lot bullets whizzing around for large chunks of the movie and believe me - at times they whiz with real venom. There are also a couple of stand out sub woofer scenes, but I won't spoil the fun by letting on just when you will feel your chest being pounded by sonic waves - sorry, but there are some things a reviewer simply shouldn't divulge!

    So, would a DTS option improve things? There's always that possibility. But don't let one little “omission” put you off - the Dolby track has all the right qualities in all the right places. Excellent.
    The Rundown Sound


    The audio commentary with director Peter Berg and The Rock is a laid back, tongue in cheek style blast - well worth a listen. A second audio commentary is also included for even more insights into the movie-making process this time with producers Kevin Misher and Marc Abraham.

    Rumble in the Jungle is a behind the scenes look at a few stunt and fight scenes, and Appetite For Destruction takes a look at some of the explosions and visual effects, and how they were achieved. Both these short features could easily have been made into one twenty-minute documentary.
    The Rundown Uncensored (6 mins.) tells the story of the “love affair” between Camilla the monkey and The Rock! There are also more short features - Running Down The Town and Walken's World as well as DVD-Rom extras (which I couldn't get to work!), cast and filmmakers biographies and some twelve deleted scenes.

    All in all there are some nice features here. It is a shame, though, that they're all fairly short affairs, and the term “style over substance” comes to mind.
    The Rundown Extras


    You have two choices - option (a) you enjoy The Rundown; and option (b) I make you enjoy The Rundown. For your own sake - make the right choice - or you'll be hearing from me!

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £26.98

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