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by Simon Crust Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Quest Review
    DVD is a remarkable format; it has re-invented the home viewing experience give near cinematic quality. The back catalogue of DVD releases' is quite phenomenal and within those many thousands of discs there are some truly great films. It can also be said that there are some not so good, and even some that are down right awful. Unfortunately there is one last layer below awful, reserved for the worst of the worst, the utter dregs of film that really should never have been released. It is in this layer that our feature presentation lies.

    Drunken Jackasses The Quest is a 'documentary' (supposed to be true and actual footage if you believe the title card) whereby a team of five friends travel down to Mexico during the Universities Spring Break, with the sole intention of getting drunk and laid; more specifically to get one of their member, Eddie, at this point a 21 year old virgin, to have sex. What follows is three nights of drinking, clubbing and (eventual) sex as the film crew follow the antics of the five friends over seventy six minutes. Add into this mix two dwarfs on the same 'quest' and you have one of the most immature pieces of film it has ever been my misfortune to watch. Imagine an MTV Spring Break music programme crossed with a SKY one 'Reps in Ibiza' show with liberal amounts of swearing, copious drinking and plenty of flesh and you will have an idea of what the film is about.

    The antics of the 'friends' is quite appalling, from their attitude toward the opposite sex, the attitude to their drinking and their attitude to one another when drunk; nothing but childish and quite sickening in places. The entire premise of the film is crass and insulting; its execution is achieved but still comes across as vulgar. The final 'sex' scene could even be considered voyeuristic, and the subsequent congratulations were reprehensible. The only glimmer on the horizon is that the film did promote safe sex, and that is why I award one point, because all other attitude is just plain wrong. I cannot conceive of the market Universal are aiming at, nor why they even consider this as a money making release; In the states it has a limited release, I hope it suffers badly and perhaps Universal with think twice before releasing such an atrocity on us again.

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