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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Pink Panther Review
    As with most film franchises, the
    longer the Pink Panther series
    went on, the less inspired and
    more formulaic it became.
    However, The Pink Panther is a
    cracker, starring David Niven as a
    high-class thief trying to swipe the
    Pink Panther diamond and Peter
    Sellers as the bumbling Inspector
    Clouseau trying to track him down.
    One thing that the series never lost
    was its sense of style which is very
    pronounced here, in Blake Edwards'
    direction, the groovy animation over
    the credits and Henri Mancini's music.
    A Shot in the Dark is the first film to
    centre specifically on Clouseau, this
    time during his quest to prove a young
    girl innocent. Needless to say, Sellers
    takes every opportunity to hog the
    screen, whether terrorising Herbert
    Lom's Sgt Dreyfus or trying to fit in
    at a nudist colony.
    The Pink Panther Strikes Again finds
    the long-suffering Dreyfus out of his
    mind and vowing to rid the world of
    his incompetent nemesis once and for
    all. Loads of fun, even if it is just loads
    of film references and slapstick, plus
    Sellers pratting about in disguises.
    Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)
    sees the franchise seriously running
    out of steam. Not that the formula had
    changed that much - Clouseau is still
    useless, Cato is still of indeterminate
    oriental origin, Dreyfus is still mad. The
    problem comes with the jokes, which
    are either weak or racist.
    Last and by all means least comes
    Trail of the Pink Panther, the cinematic
    equivalent of a clips episode of a
    sitcom. Sellers was dead by this time
    and naturally so was Clouseau (in
    inevitably mysterious circumstances).
    A reporter (Joanna Lumley) wants to
    find out what happened and she won't
    rest until she's been through every
    'classic' scene and ropey old bit of
    footage she can find.

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