The Pink Panther Film Collection DVD Review

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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Pink Panther Film Collection DVD Review
    SRP: £519.99


    All films are presented anamorphically
    and framed at 2.35:1. The Pink
    Panther holds plenty of colour but is a
    tad soft. There's some print damage
    too. A Shot in the Dark looks similar,
    although the detail is better and there's
    no grain. Strikes Again boasts an
    equally clean and colourful transfer,
    but things get murky in interiors. The
    worst transfer of the five is Revenge,
    which suffers from softness and grain.
    Trail boasts a detailed, colourful but
    grainy transfer.


    There are good and bad things to
    report about these DD 5.1 tracks.
    While offering admirable clarity and a
    warm ambience, The Pink Panther is a
    little low on detail. A Shot in the Dark
    is better, with good bass and detailed
    atmosphere - check out the nudist
    party for proof. Strikes Again is more
    of the same - good bass, not bad
    detail. Revenge likewise refuses to
    deviate from the pattern. Trail offers
    good bass and a high level of clarity
    with effects.


    The only one of these movies with any
    serious special features is the first one,
    which boasts a trivia track, an audio
    commentary from Blake Edwards and
    a trailer. There are trailers on the other
    movie discs too. The real action
    comes on Disc Six, however, which
    contains a wealth of extras including
    various production documentaries,
    a look at the life of Peter Sellers and
    an investigation into the origin of the
    cartoon. Best of all is a selection of
    six of the best of the Pink Panther's
    witty animated shorts including the
    Oscar-winning The Pink Phink.


    Five decent movies augmented by a sturdy
    selection of extras. A big pink box full of fun
    in other words.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £519.99

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