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by AVForums Oct 7, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    The Pink Panther DVD Review
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    Yet again, conclusive proof that if the movie is dire, then the transfer has to be good. This has a very nice picture quality with a dust-free print used, so all the colours are vivid and natural looking. No grain was noticed, no artefacts and no colour bleed either. With such a nice transfer, couldn't they have just spent the time on a movie that really deserved it. Still, if you liked the movie, you'll find nothing here to complain about.

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    With a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, you may think that this isn't going to be that exciting, especially as it's a comedy. Well, it's not too bad actually, with dialogue clear and crisp, music engaging from the rears and some nice panning effects. What did surprise me was some of the LFE that is present. The first time you really notice it is when Clouseau knocks a metal globe from its perch and it travels down the stairs with a satisfying thump from the subwoofer on each stair it descends. There are a few other moments like this, and while it isn't exactly “The Matrix” for engaging sound, it is better than I thought it would be.

    The Pink Panther Sound


    There are a huge number of extras here, from commentary tracks to music videos and featurettes, but to be honest, I couldn't stomach another second of this tripe. All it did was reassure my faith that a) Martin and Co thought this was a good idea and b) it's a vehicle for a music star I don't give a hoot about. From the quick glimpses I've viewed (and they were quick) there's lots of material, but when the movie is as dreadful as this, you really wish it was a bare bones disc.

    The Pink Panther Extras


    He may have debuted in “The Jerk”, but after having to sit through this, you'd be one if you bought it. It's not even a pale imitation of Sellers classics, it's just awful. Avoid.

    The Pink Panther Verdict

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