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by Mark Botwright Jan 26, 2011 at 7:33 PM

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    The Other Guys Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £22.99


    The Other Guys comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment with a 1080p resolution framed within a theatrically correct 2.40:1 aspect ratio. The disc itself is region free.

    For a comedy this is quite a punchy image, contrast is strong and blacks are solid and inky. As with all of the McKay Sony comedies, there is a certain warmth to the colour tone that slightly skews it towards the browner/sepia hues. Skin tones are good with only the most minor slips towards a slightly more umber visage in a couple of shots.

    Depth is surprisingly good, something that helps the action sequences immensely. The only minor issues seem to be cinematographic in nature as one or two shots in a scene drop in terms of sharpness. Generally proceedings are crisp and remarkably clear (with perhaps a few hints of minor sharpening) with a nice fine layer of grain throughout.

    The Other Guys Picture


    Sound is catered for with an English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix, as well as numerous other alternate language options (French/Portuguese DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Spanish 5.1 and an English audio descriptive service).

    Straight away, with the opening chase sequence featuring Highsmith and Danson, this disc announces its sound quality with great aplomb. It’s directional, whizzy and frivolous fun but by God it’s done well. Bullet effects are varied and change in pitch based on the camera positioning, impacts bring with them more than a healthy amount of bass and all the whilst the music is pounding away, rich full blooded and filling any spaces without overpowering the sound effects themselves.

    When back in the office the centre handles the many whispered asides between Hoitz and Gamble extremely well, never allowing speech to drop too low but getting across the inflection in low volume breathier moments perfectly. The standout moments were always likely to be the action set-pieces and they arguably fall more towards throwing the kitchen sink at the listener rather than pitch perfection and absolute precisions but when the mix is as evenly balanced, robust and downright enjoyable as this manages to be, who cares.

    The Other Guys Sound


    The “Mom”-mentary
    The commentaries on McKay/Ferrell features usually fall towards the jokey end of the spectrum but this one is pure gimmick as it employs the mothers of McKay, Ferrell and producer Christopher Henchy to provide some kind of insight. Little of value is offered but it is certainly unique.

    Line-O-Rama – 1080p – 8:56
    A multitude of improvised alternate lines.

    Gag Reel – 1080p – 6:17
    Compilation of the actors corpsing.

    Deleted and Extended Scenes – 1080p – 30:24
    A total of eighteen deleted or extended scenes. There is little that would have enhanced the film further as most seems to be material cut for run time or just wasn’t deemed funny enough.

    Flash Forwards – 1080p – 1:45
    A series of clips showing the consequences of the various action sequences and the results they’ve had on the characters’ lives – fluff but worth a watch.

    Alternate Action – 1080p – 2:42
    Extra shots from the various action sequences.

    Wasn’t That??? – 1080p – 15:00
    General featurette covering the making of and inspirations behind the film.

    Crash and Burn – 1080p – 10:06
    Details the incorporation of action into the comedy blueprint of McKay/Ferrell pictures.

    Why Are There Brits in This Movie? – 1080p – 6:41
    Tongue-in-cheek insight into how Steve Coogan (affectionately referred to as “Limey Teabag) fared during the production and the bridging of cultures.

    Rob Riggle Likes to Party – 1080p – 2:32
    Riggle stays in character to riff a little about how hard he parties.

    We Shouldn’t Kiss Chicken – 1080p – 1:16
    On set footage of a game the production staff play which involves daring to kiss one another to see who backs down first.

    Mark Wahlberg’s Eating Contest Entourage – 1080p – 3:33
    Wahlberg introduces us to his friend, nicknamed “nacho libre”, an extreme eater he’s known since childhood.

    Bed, Bathand Way Beyond – 1080p – 4:06
    Mini-featurette about Keaton’s involvement that includes some nice raw footage from the dailies.

    Lendl Global Commercial – 1080p – 0:39
    Mock advert for the company that could frankly pass for real.

    Extreme Close Up – 1080p – 5:17
    Weird mini-interviews with the cast and crew but in extreme close-up to the interviewees’ faces.

    “Pimps Don’t Cry” Music Video – 1080p – 3:50
    Cee-Lo Green and Eva Mendes perform a faux blaxploitation-style theme tune and video.

    Everyone Hates the DVD Guy – 1080p – 4:47
    Mock video about the cast and crew disliking the poor individual tasked with capturing footage from the set for the home release of the film.

    Previews for The Social Network, Salt and Easy A.

    The Other Guys Extras


    The Other Guys aims for the title of best faux-cop action comedy but unfortunately doesn’t swing hard enough to knock Hot Fuzz from its perch. The inclusion of Wahlberg, whilst interesting, never quite clicks as it might have been imagined on paper and the buddy chemistry falls a little flat due to this. Ferrell’s constant script riffing and ability to switch from staid to manic injects a healthy amount of comic energy and the peripheral cast of Coogan, Mendes and Keaton help fill the void to a certain degree.

    The region free disc is strong in both audio and visual areas, with most minor caveats being attributable to the style of cinematography and sound design rather than flaws of the disc. Extras are, as ever with such Sony comedies, overflowing. The commentary is unique but ultimately a bit of a let down, however the sheer number of mini-featurettes and mocking on-set footage should lessen the disappointment of this damp squib perfectly.

    A perfect set for fans of Ferrell willing to overlook the slightly haphazard comedy.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £22.99

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