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by AVForums Feb 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    The Mitchell and Webb Situation DVD Review
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    Presented in a standard 1.33:1 full screen transfer as befitting its original broadcast, this is no more than a serviceable picture. The image is generally quite soft throughout and there is the presence of noticeable artefacts, blocking and edge enhancement on occasion. On the plus side, colours are generally even and warm with natural skin tones and adequate blacks. In terms of the nature of the show, this is an adequate and functional transfer, albeit some what of a workmanlike one.
    The Mitchell and Webb Situation Picture


    As with the transfer of the show, the audio is no more than perfunctory. The single 2.0 track provided goes about its business in a solid unspectacular fashion. Depth and range are consistent if limited, while dialogue is clear and prevalent in the mix. This most certainly isn't a track of any worthy note; however it does provide an adequate accompaniment to the series.
    The Mitchell and Webb Situation Sound


    Extras provided on this release are somewhat thin on the ground and disappointingly sparse. The stars of the show, Mitchell and Webb, provide an audio commentary for only the first episode of the series. The commentary for what it's worth is a decent listen, and the pair make up for a lack of depth in their conversation with engaging and amusing brevity that holds the attention well (and is in parts considerably more amusing than the show). Accompanying the commentary is a ten minute interview with the pair on a bench located in a London park. Consisting of them taking into the camera with no direct interviewing, the piece covers a variety of bases in its relatively short running time, stretching from their early career through to present day. Again the natural humour of the stars never fails to amuse making this an enjoyable diversion. Also included are a couple of minutes of out-takes of the interview, basically consisting of the pair fluffing intros and turning the air blue. All in all a fairly inadequate and brief selection. You get the impression that the pair had better things to do than contribute to the supplements, they all seem to have been recorded over the space of one morning they had free in their schedules and lack any real development or evidence of prior planning. Their natural ability to amuse makes these additional features entertaining enough to watch, but disappointingly lightweight.
    The Mitchell and Webb Situation Extras


    Somewhat of a hit and miss series, this overlooked curiosity is redeemed by uniformly superb comic turns from these two talented entertainers. Watching this is akin to rummaging at a car boot sale, there's about three episodes worth of real quality material in here if you're up for the search. Entertaining, but not essential viewing.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £16.99

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