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by AVForums Feb 1, 2000 at 12:00 AM

    The Matrix DVD Review
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    The movie is deliberately shot with a rather grainy, greenish look, and the disc image is sharp enough to capture this perfectly. There's certainly plenty of detail, with some breathtaking highlights. The depth of field in the close-up shot of Carrie-Anne Moss in Chapter 1 with her hands on top of her head is simply staggering, with both her face and the cop approaching in the background demonstrating fantastic delineation. Things only improve during the lobby gunfight in Chapter 29 with every piece of exploding masonry clearly visible.
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    This disc establishes the new benchmark for soundtracks on the format. Vocal performances retain clarity and warmth, while the ambient effects are constantly impressive. The action scenes are stunning; check out the gunfight in Chapter 29 and the explosion in Chapter 32 to see how these things should really be done.
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    One of the most innovative discs currently available, in addition to cast & crew bios, this features three Making Of.../behind the scenes documentaries, and a mass of DVD-ROM material (including the screenplay). There's also the Follow The White Rabbit option. When this is accessed, at several key special effects sequences, a white rabbit icon appears in the bottom right of the screen. Pressing Enter/Select drops you out of the movie and into a brief special effects featurette, returning you to the movie when it's finished. This integration of film and features is the closest we have come to realising the possibilities of the DVD format. As we know, some players are having problems with the disc, apparently due to the DVD-ROM content - see the News pages for details. If this disc included the commentary and isolated score from the Region 1 release it would rate a 10, but as it is...9
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