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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Master DVD Review
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    Another movie that claims to be taken from a High Definition Master which amounts to nothing. The picture displays large amounts of grain and quite severe edge enhancement. Colours look a little bleached and black depth could be much better. The picture looks like it is from a release of the 80's, not the early 90's. Disappointing.
    The Master Picture


    Compared to recent releases, the sound is thin and monaural sounding. It is in 5.1, but most of the sound emanates from the centre speaker and there is very little use of the surrounds. Being dubbed into English means the speech doesn't always sound accurate to the scene it accompanies. The sound studio isn't always a good place to record a scene set in a busy street!
    The Master Sound


    A surprisingly weak selection of extras for what has been called a 'Special Collector's Edition. We have an audio commentary with Hong Kong film expert, Bey Logan. An interview titled 'The Master' with prolific Kung Fu Legend, Yuen Wah. 'Crystal Clear' is an interview with leading lady, Crystal Wok and 'The Insider' is an interview with stuntman and author John Kreng. There are also trailers for this and several Hong Kong Legend titles plus a biography of Bey Logan. That's your lot!
    The Master Extras


    A comical trip back to a time where acting, story, picture and sound were not important. Only set fight scenes were. The rest of the movie is basically a set of links to the next fight scene. Yes, they are quite entertaining and you do have a certain admiration for the skills involved. But no more so than say, The Matrix or any one of Jackie Chan's movies. The only difference is, they have considerably more to offer besides. Unless you are a real fan of this movie, then best avoid. And you can take that from 'The Master'!!!
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