The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot Review

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by AVForums Jan 1, 2000 at 12:00 AM

    The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot Review
    When the sacred sword Excalibur is stolen by the evil knight Ruber, a young girl called Kayley, and Garrett, a blind squire, are the only hope for the kingdom. The major problem for The Magic Sword... is the fact that this animated feature is an entirely original tale set after the well-known Excalibur myth, and as such it doesn't really stand up in comparison to what is one of the richest stories in English history. It also follows the Disney route a little too closely, with too many songs and the obligatory funny animal companions. This aside, it's a pleasantly entertaining film with a striking female lead.
    An impressive anamorphic image makes the most of the rich visual tapestry woven by the animators. While the animation isn't up to the same high standard Disney has recently been achieving with the likes of Tarzan, there is no doubting the quality of the work involved (it certainly makes the other animated works reviewed on these pages pale into insignificance). The Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is equally impressive, making the very most of the rousing action sequences and the numerous songs included in the feature.

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