The Lost World: Jurassic Park Review

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by Phil Hinton Nov 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park Review
    Five years have passed since the accident in Jurassic Park and John Hammond is on his sick bed and no longer the chairman of Ingen. Dr Malcolm(Goldblum) has also moved on occasionally being reminded of what happened through ridicule from the public. Both men meet again however and Hammond informs him that there was a second Island where they used to breed the animals before moving them to Jurassic Park (So why did they have a Lab in the first film on the first Island?). He tells Malcolm that he is sending a team of 4 to the island to help him keep it as a nature reserve and one of them is his Girlfriend who is already on the Island. Horrified, Malcolm agrees to go as a rescue party to retrieve his Girlfriend and get her out of there. Things don't go smoothly however and another Ingen Party led by Hammonds Nephew are also now on the Island trying to capture animals to take back to the main land for a tourist attraction in San Diego. Things go wrong as they normally do when you mix humans with dinosaurs and soon both parties are working together to escape as the body count rises high and higher.

    With the success of the original movie it was only a matter of time before a sequel would be on the way. The surprising thing however was that Spielberg himself would direct again, this is unusual as he normally doesn't do sequels. I bet he wished he hadn't bothered now though as The Lost World had none of the excitement or originality of the first movie and it contains some serious plot holes. What it does feature is some quite breathtaking set pieces some of which were supposed to be in the original but were dropped because of running time and budget. The CGI effects are just as astounding as they were in the first with each creature taking on a life like appearance. Spielberg went for some big action with this film but certain sequences feel like they were thrown in at the last minute such as the San Diego T-Rex sequence. This feels clumsy and out of sync with what had gone before, Spielberg tries to play it for laughs with some nods to other monster movies such as Godzilla (the 4 Japanese business men running away and looking back at the animal), but for me it falls flat and feels silly. As a no-brainer action movie it does work and will keep you occupied for a couple of hours, but for a Spielberg movie it is well under par for this director.

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