The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Review

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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Review
    The plot, such as it is revolves around the dastardly scheming of Moriarty (A.K.A The Fantom), who's evil design is to bring the entire world to war and profit by the sale of his "next-gen" weapons. His plan to blow up a world summit is known to the British Government thus, the Secret Service must call upon a mix of individually talented miscreants and heroes to save the day.

    Set at the turn of the nineteenth century, the familiar maniacal villain and world dominance via foul deed formula provides the movie's scenario. Standing in the way of global catastrophe is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a collection of fictional and fantasy literary characters.

    Not having read the novel by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill on which this is loosely based, I was left no option but to accept this unlikely selection of "heroes" racing to the call of the Sovereignty. The Invisible Man, Captain Nemo, Tom Sawyer, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Dorian Grey, Mina Harker and Allan Quatermain are all charged with the collective duty of bringing the notorious Fantom to justice.

    Both the critics and public met this film with huge indifference, and to be honest it left me cold. With both Sean Connery and "From the Director of Blade" (Steven Norrington) adorning the cover insert, I thought it just couldn't be as bad as some of the reviews that I had read might suggest. Messy direction, special effects that just were not that special, characters with no "soul" - flat and uninspired were my primary thoughts as the end credits rolled.

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