The Last House on the Left Blu-ray Review

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by Casimir Harlow Oct 25, 2009 at 12:00 AM

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    The Last House on the Left Blu-ray Review
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    2009's Last House on the Left crawls to Region Free UK Blu-ray with an identical presentation to its US predecessor, giving us a solid if unspectacular 1080p High Definition rendition in the movie's original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1 widescreen. Detail is generally good throughout, with a minor amount of softness, some negligible noise, and only a few noticeable processing side-effects. The close-ups and long shots both stand up to scrutiny reasonably well, and whilst there is no 3D-pop, and there is a distinct lack of depth to the relatively recent production, the video presentation still does fairly well with the limited material. This may not have been a low-budget piece (at least not overtly), but it's not a big budget Blockbuster either, so the fairly restrained visuals seldom give your equipment anything to show off. The colour scheme is treated quite well, the woodland/boathouse setting remaining authentic, but with nothing particularly noteworthy to remark about it. Blacks are solid for the most part, which at least keeps the night based sequences (of which much of the latter half of the movie is) intact and overall this is a solid if uneventful video representation.
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    On the aural front, things have not changed either for this UK release. The track still suffers a little bit from the limited content - and still could have been treated better. Giving us a technically top-of-the-range DTS-HD Master Audio track does not change the fact that it really makes no effort to do anything to show off your equipment. The dialogue is perfectly clear and coherent - from the shouts and muffled screams to the whispers - largely emanating from the fronts and centre channels. Effects are a bit of a let down, as you do need some atmosphere for this kind of affair, and the track here simply does nothing to add to the already limited tension. There are a few gunshots, heavy blows - knife or otherwise - and some torrential downpour to liven up the mix but it is not enough to be of any real significance. The score is fairly unexceptional, although you might notice that it is - at times - unnervingly sweet.
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    In terms of extras, all we get is the same mundane and poor quality Deleted Footage montage (including an extended, alternate look at the head-popping scene), as well as a pedantry Making-Of Featurette which serves up little insight into the production and plays more like an extended trailer.
    The Last House on the Left Extras


    The Last House on the Left is an inconsequential addition to the horror genre, but one which avoids being too unpleasant through eschewing any boundary-pushing aspirations. It is probably another example of why remakes are totally unnecessary, but harmless stuff nonetheless. This UK Region-Free High Definition Blu-ray release offers the same slightly lacklustre video and audio (especially considering that this was a relatively recent production) and positively lame extras to be found on its US counterpart, but fans will still no doubt wish to add it to their collection. Those in search of a reasonable date movie that probably won't suffer too much from not giving it your full attention, could do worse than this innocuous affair, but this really is rent-once stuff.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.99

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