The Invention of Lying Blu-ray Review

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by AVForums Jan 22, 2010 at 12:00 AM

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    The Invention of Lying Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £22.31


    'The Invention of Lying' comes to Region free Blu-ray with an honest looking 1080p VC-1 transfer, framed at 1.85:1
    The colour scheme avoids the orange skin tones of Hollywood blockbusters and goes for more realistic, pale complexions. Everything is evenly lit and we are treated to good contrast and black levels throughout. The image is sharp and clean as you'd expect from a recent source with a gentle hint of grain to remind us that it was shot on film. It doesn't really have the 3D 'pop' of some other modern transfers, but retains more of a flat look. Anything else would have looked out of context.

    The Invention of Lying Picture


    The audio on 'The Invention of Lying' comes in a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 surround mix that only really comes alive with the occasional music track. There's little else for the surrounds to do except for the scene where Ricky's character realises he can lie - as the camera zooms inside his brain and whooshing sounds fill the room.
    Occasionally, I found it difficult to make out a few crucial words of dialogue as they seemed to be muffled and I wondered if I'd missed a good punch line.
    Apart from that, we get a workmanlike sound mix.

    The Invention of Lying Sound


    There's no audio commentary on 'The Invention of Lying' but we do get a digital copy of the film on disc 2 in case we desperately want to watch it on our PC, laptop or mobile device. We do get the following extras though.

    • Prequel: The Dawn of Lying (SD, 6 mins)

      Patrick Stewart narrates the pre-title sequence, which was eventually cut from the movie, where we see the first lie in caveman times.

    • Meet Karl Pilkington (SD, 18 mins)

      A behind the scenes look as Ricky's friend Karl is flown over to the USA to play a part in the movie. It turns out he's to be a caveman in the prequel sequence which is eventually cut from the final film. Karl whinges his way through the doco in fur and a wig. It's pretty much in the style of 'The Office'.

    • A Truly 'Honest' Making of Featurette (SD, 7 mins)

      The cast and crew take part in a jokey 'Behind the scenes' type short including on set larking around with corpsing and laughter.

    • Additional scenes (SD, total 7 mins)

      Here we have 5 scenes which are mostly extensions of existing ones that don't really add anything to the film except make it longer. Some 'Lecture Films' clips are included. Can't believe I watched this.

    • Ricky & Matt's Video Podcasts (SD, total 10 mins)

      A trip round Ricky's Boston home filmed by Matt Robinson, a trip round the production office, Ricky talks about their production (originally titled 'This Side of the Truth) making the local Boston newspaper and we get to see Matt in the last clip as they assault Production Assistant Jake with pop guns. Self indulgent stuff.

    • Corpsing and outtakes (SD, 5 mins)

      More on set mucking about, fluffed lines and corpsing. Still, looks like they had fun and that's what really matters - bless them.

    The Invention of Lying Extras


    The Ricky Gervais vehicle, 'The Invention of Lying' comes clean on Region free Blu-ray with a very decent 1080p VC-1 transfer framed at 1.85:1 with realistic looking skin tones as well as good contrast and black levels.
    The audio comes in an unremarkable Dolby TrueHD 5.1 surround mix that will seldom test a home cinema sound system to its full.
    The extras are the usual mixed bag of out-takes, fluffs and corpsing with some self indulgent featurettes thrown in for good measure.
    As a movie, it has a clever premise that probably doesn't quite fulfil its potential but it's amusing enough all the same. Co-written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matt Robinson, it's worth a watch to see how close it skates to thin ice on religious issues.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £22.31

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