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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Girl From Rio DVD Review
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    If there is a fault this picture could have it has got it. Being vintage 1969 the picture is suffering badly from age related damage with a multitude of surface scratches, a grainy print and largely washed out colours. As if that weren't enough in transferring to DVD the telecine operator has introduced masses of edge enhancement, so much so that at some points the image looks like it suffers from ghosting. Pixelation and smearing of areas of uniform colour rounds off this dogs dinner of a print.
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    Mono Dolby Digital recorded at 192kbps produces an abysmal lacklustre soundtrack. Vocals are woolly and muffled, gunshots sound hollow and confined. The score gives the impression of being recorded from an old gramophone, copied several times, and then tacked on to the film at the last minute. I realise the technology of the day was limited, but it was hard to bear.
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    A mildly diverting 14 minute featurette with interviews with Shirley Eaton and Jess Franco provides the only worthwhile extra. It amazes me they are both still alive, but there thoughts are interesting. Poor old Shirley was unfamiliar with Franco's work and was stunned to find she had appeared in a lesbian love scene in a soft porn flick when she was interviewed for the documentary. Some poster stills and a potted biography of Franco and writer Sax Rohmer complete the extras
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    Was this really what passed for adult entertainment in the late 60's? This poorly presented disc of a badly aged and dated movie is a waste of money. Avoid it unless you are a fan.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £22.99

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