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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Forgotten Review
    Julianne Moore stars as Telly Paretta, A mother still mourning the loss of her 9 year old son, Sam who died 14 months earlier in a plane accident. She is finding it difficult to let go and move on with her life and spends her day looking through photographs and watching videos of him. Her Husband Jim (Anthony Edwards, ER, Top Gun) and her seemingly sympathetic psychiatrist Dr Munce (Gary Sinise, Ransom, Apollo 13, C.S.I.:NY) try to convince her that she is inventing the whole thing and that she and her husband have never had a son. They tell her she is suffering from a condition that causes her to invent a whole life she believes she has led.Telly cannot accept this and tries desperately to find proof of her son's existence only to discover that every piece of evidence has inexplicably vanished. Even photos that once showed her son now contain no sign of him. Finally she meets Ash (Dominic West, Chicago, Mona Lisa Smile) a father who's daughter died in the same plane crash. She eventually helps him remember as he too had completely forgotten ever having a daughter and so in sues a race against time whilst being pursued by the FBI, the police and the unknown to discover the truth and answer the mystery of why everyone has FORGOTTEN.

    Despite mixed reviews on its' theatrical release, I liked this movie. The pace starts off a little slow and you begin to wonder if its' going to be worth it but persevere because, like a rollercoaster slowly making it's way up to the top of the first big dip, as soon as it dawns on you and the lead characters what maybe going on, the rollercoaster hurtles downwards at speed. I don't want to give too much away about the plot as this movie relies heavily on surprise as did the movie The Sixth Sense which this movie compares itself to but suffice to say that although the surprises are a little more obvious and expected than they could have been, it still manages to send a cold shiver down your spine once or twice.The direction of Joseph Ruben (Sleeping With The Enemy, Dreamscape, Money Train) is satisfactory without being exemplary. Tension is certainly built but occasionally starts to wane a little too soon before it builds once again. The cast are all superb especially Julianne Moore who really does give her character depth and emotion. British actor Dominic West also puts in a good performance as the father on the point of despair and Gary Sinise gives an uncharacteristically subdued performance as Dr Munce but nonetheless effective all the same.The scares tend to be of the 'sudden shock' variety in other words they don't really build. One moment you're happily watching the movie, the next you're scrapping yourself off the ceiling. Whereas throughout the rest of the film you are intrigued rather than frightened. But don't let that put you off. This movie has much going for it with a good story, fine actors, suspense and one or two genuine scares that will have you (and me) jumping out of your chair. Yes there are faults. The plot has a few holes, as mentioned the tension wavers a little and there are some unanswered questions by the end but overall an entertaining and often thought provoking movie which I guarantee will make you jump at least once. Whilst not a patch on The Sixth Sense in my opinion, this is still a film worthy of recommendation but don't bother with the extended version, the original is the best and that's why that was the version released. Watch the deleted scenes by all means but I wouldn't sit through the whole film in this guise as it's not as effective as the theatrical version.One more point to make. Whatever you do, don't watch the documentaries before the movie as most of the surprises are given away there.

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