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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Forgotten Review
    The Forgotten is a title that fits rather well, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Telly Paretta (Moore), is still struggling to deal with the loss of her 9 year old son, Sam who died in a plane accident. She soon starts to lose grip, when her psychiatrist (Sinise) and husband (Edwards) explain to her that her son didn't exist, being just a figment of her imagination due to a medical condition she is apparently suffering. Of course, she doesn't believe them at all (huge shock) and she soon finds comfort with Ash Correll (West), another parent who she knows lost his daughter on the same plane crash, but he can't remember the loss. Soon, however she manages to convince him of her sincerity and he eventually remembers his daughter. Both Telly and Ash start to probe deeper, finding that there is a much bigger picture than they know, whilst being pursued by the FBI, believing that indeed, the truth is out there.

    I didn't just use that last line for effect, as this movie does have an X-Files type feel going for it, but don't take that as a recommendation. To elaborate any more on the plot would give too much away for potential viewings, so I'm keeping it brief, much like the running time of this movie. It's also a review that's slightly daunting as the R1 disk has been reviewed already and had a reasonably high score, which is a shame as I unfortunately disagree, thinking this is B-movie material or a TV show at best. The biggest problem, personally, is that I didn't identify at all with Moore's character, sure she seemed irrational and crazy, but for something like this, one would have to empathise with the lead and I didn't on any level. Secondly, it does have plot holes and they aren't exactly small either. An example is how come Telly's husband can't remember the son, with her harping on about him, apparently every day for 9 months, yet Ash can recall his daughter with Telly's continued rambling in about a day. The other plot hole, going on further from this point, is the explanation at the end, which makes no sense given that scenario either. Three, atmosphere wise, it's lacking in any real drama. It struggled to keep my attention and it resorts to the tried, tested and milked totally thin device of loud-noise-to-make-audience-jump. Now it's ok when it's combined with thrills, chills and genuine scares, but it's a one card trick at best. You really feel that if you had to mark this on a report card “Please try harder” would be the first thing on your lips. I had hopes for this when I first saw the trailer, now I'm kinda glad I didn't waste the admission fee.One other note, this doesn't offer the alternate version using seamless branching that the R1 release did. I'd like to say missed opportunity, but as the menus, features etc. are the same as the R1 release, I think it's a telling sign of some studios lack of commitment to R2, which is a shame generally.

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