The Fifth Element Review

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by Phil Hinton Jun 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Fifth Element Review
    The fifth Element in my opinion was one of the most under rated sci-fi films of the last few years. It is visually stunning with huge digital sets which show George Lucas how things should be done. The costume design also adds to this futuristic epic which just oozes class from the screen. I would be surprised if any Home cinema fan has yet to see this film but for those who have not yet had the chance.......
    Corbin Dallas (Bruce Willis) is a Taxi driver on earth and an ex-soldier in the galactic force, one day his life is changed forever when a fare falls through his cab roof. The fare is Leelu the perfect being, well to corbin she looks very perfect, but little does he know she is the ultimate weapon against evil. Talking of evil, a large object has just appeared at the edge of the universe and is expanding at an alarming rate, it is pure evil and its intent is to destroy all life in the universe. Only Corbin and leelu can save the universe, but they need the help of a priest, an army, an opera singer and have to get around the bad guy chasing them for the weapons power, if it falls into his hands the universe is doomed.

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