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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Fifth Element Review
    I am not going to try and tell you
    that The Fifth Element is not a
    deeply silly movie. Nor would I
    say that it was anything more
    than style rather than substance.
    However, I will go on record as
    saying that there are a lot of people
    out there like myself who are rather
    fond of this goofy sci-fi. These people
    will be looking forward to finding out
    just what this new two-disc Special
    Edition DVD has to offer.
    The year is 2257 and a planet-sized
    ball of evil is hurtling towards Earth
    and threatening to exterminate every
    living organism in its path. Caught up
    in the struggle to save the world are a
    former marine who now works as a
    cab driver (Bruce Willis), a mysterious
    child-like woman (Milla Jovovich) who
    claims to 'the Fifth Element', a slightly
    demented priest (Ian Holm) whose job
    it is to protect the Fifth Element, and a
    psycho (Gary Oldman) who seems to
    enjoy wearing half a plastic pudding
    bowl on his head.
    Writer/director Luc Besson claims
    to have written The Fifth Element as
    a child, which you would be hard
    pushed to refute. The dialogue is
    risible, the characters are sketched in
    broad strokes and the story is little
    more than a collection of half-baked
    ideas that barely gel together. And yet,
    the film remains curiously enjoyable.
    What he might lack in writing skills,
    Besson more than makes up for with
    directorial flair, making every shot an
    eye-wateringly gorgeous work of art.
    Not the best sci-fi epic by anybody's
    reasoning, but far more entertaining
    than those Star Wars prequels.

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