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by AVForums Mar 1, 2002 at 12:00 AM

    The Fast and the Furious Review
    Undercover cop Brian O'Conner (Walker) infiltrates a street racing gang to try to discover the source of a trade in black market electrical goods. He makes friends with racer and garage owner Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and falls in love with his sister Mia (Brewster).
    Brian soon begins to realise his new friends are not involved in the illegal trade, but he still needs to find the real culprits. He is torn between loyalty to Dominic and his gang and his responsibilities as a law enforcer.
    This is really just Point Break with engine oil, but if you're a big speed freak you'll love the races and if you like your movies packed with male bonding you are also in luck. It's almost completely brainless, but it looks so fantastic chances are you won't notice. The romance plot, and indeed girls themselves, are peripheral. Rodriguez (Girlfight) plays Dominic's girlfriend Letty and she is wasted in the part. Brewster has even less to do - she seems to be there just so you don't start to think there's anything funny going on between Dominic and Brian.
    Without the relationships this would just be a glorified video game. Even the music is very Street Racer. There is no depth to the story and characterisation is sketchy, but Diesel and Walker look good on the screen and there's a definite chemistry. Diesel shows he has more than a little star potential. 'Blonde Keanu' Walker mumbles his way through the dialogue whilst still managing to have some screen presence. There is no need for him to speak and you may begin to wish he wouldn't.
    Director Rob Cohen's previous film, The Skulls was a critical and commercial flop and he made The Fast and the Furious just to prove he was capable of big box office. He succeeded, and whereas The Skulls was meant to be thought provoking and wasn't, this is evidently meant to be nothing but eye candy and is. It gets the adrenaline flowing and it is entertaining, somehow it doesn't matter that there's no real plot.

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