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The Crow: Wicked Prayer Review

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by AVForums Jul 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Crow: Wicked Prayer Review
    I'm going to cheat a little here, I'm going to use the synopsis on the back of the box and the reason for this will become obvious shortly.

    Tara Reid, David Boreanaz and Edward Furlong star in the latest chilling chapter of The Crow: Wicked Prayer - an epic tale of death, revenge and redemption. Just as ex-con Jimmy Cuervo (Furlong) tries to straighten out his life, he and his girlfriend Lily are brutally murdered in a satanic ritual by a renegade biker gang. But payback is at hand when Cruervo rises from the dead - with the power of The Crow - to avenge Lily's death and reunite with her in the afterlife!Well if I'm being picky even with the synopsis on the back, not one of the gang has a bike, they all drive cars! Guess the individual who wrote the inlay didn't see the movie and in that regard they are truly fortunate. The original Crow movie was fun; it was dark, gothic and exciting, but sadly tragic in real life, nevertheless it was a decent movie and is generally well regarded. The second movie “City of Angles”, wasn't quite so good sadly, although not as terrible as some of the reviews made it out to be, it was still watchable just. The third one, featuring Kirsten Dunst, well, let's just say nothing more than that shall we? This one however, is dire and I'm being really quite kind to it by saying that. For a 100 minute movie, this is so slow paced it's unbelievable; it takes 32 minutes for the “hero” to come back from the dead. Yep, a third of the running time to get to the revenge part - not only that our first bad guy dies at 47 minutes in, yes that's right folks our first death is around half way through the movie. I understand the need for setting the scene and so forth but, this is just painful as you know it could have been done a lot quicker. So, problem number 1 - pace or lack of it. Problem number 2, the story is pretty shallow and doesn't quite stick to the Crow mythos as we've seen before. Without wanting to mention spoilers something happens around 60 minutes in and you just think “Eh? Where's this going” and understandably so too, because it shouldn't have anywhere to go. Actually that's kind of true of the plot of the rebirth of Lucifer, which was kind of out of left field and seemed almost desperate to make some form of story, it's truly diabolical. Third problem, the cast are woefully poor. I don't mean that they can't act, well ok maybe Tara Reid can't, it's just they are really poor. Edward Furlong hasn't in my opinion, been in anything particularly good since Terminator 2 and that was more a spectacle than an epic story. This movie doesn't showcase his talents at all and the word auto-pilot would be applicable here. David Boreanaz, while decent in Buffy and Angel, is going through the motions here too, sort of Angelus-lite with a little swearing. Dennis Hopper is clearly here for a paycheck and nothing else, his role is ultimately a cameo at the end, although groping young women is probably the second reason he said yes. Tara Reid, erm well, the less said the better. Actually, scratch that - there's a line she utters in the movie “If the sun comes up and the spells undone, you're gonna be a worthless punk and I'll just be a piece of worthless white trash”. Honey, you're far too late.So other than the plot, the cast and the fact it doesn't work as a Crow movie, does it have a redeeming feature? Well, it could have been 3 hours long. If you have to see it, don't say I didn't warn you.