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by AVForums Jul 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    The Crow: Wicked Prayer DVD Review
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    Shot in a 1.85:1 widescreen ration, the picture quality isn't bad here. Colours are generally bold although some of the blacks looked a little washed out, but then this isn't a big budget movie (although if it was, I'm wondering where the cash went). The picture suffers a little graininess, but nothing to worry about and I didn't notice edge enhancement, although in fairness, I was probably more in shock over the movie itself. It's not the best transfer in the world, as there were the occasional dust specks, but other than that it is perfectly adequate.
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    Boasting hardly seems the right word, but this movie does contain a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack, which to my ears was a tad weak. Rears only engaged themselves during certain key scenes and were underused then at best, LFE was hardly ever there, except for one scene where gunshots were fired, but other than that you would be hard pushed to notice it. Dialogue was fine, although occasionally it suffered from being a little quiet compared to the front channels, but overall, like the picture, it was adequate.
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    This disk contains 4, yes 4, commentary tracks and as I'm not a fan of the movie, nor of commentary tracks, I didn't listen to them. However for information, the first is with the director and the producer, the second with the director, cinematographer, film editor and sound designer, the third is with the director and music composer and the fourth is with the director and Furlong. So to hear all the tracks, you'd need to endure this 5 times which is 4 more than I'm going to. The “Making of” featurette lasts 30 minutes and doesn't really give any in-depth insight into the making of this movie, but it does manage to make some actors look complete idiots. “El Pinto” is a conversation revolving around the cars, it lasts for 2 ½ minutes and certainly isn't worth your time - anecdotal stories are supposed to be funny guys. “Black Moth Bar: Storyboards” is a feature where it shows the storyboards intermingled with the actual footage. To show how low budget this movie is, they show you the storyboards using a handy cam. Hi-tech are apparently just trainers to the film-makers here. Margaritas and Conversation - basically the same as El Pinto and still not funny. The 2 deleted scenes are dailies and are really alternate/extended versions of what is in the movie anyway and just as entertaining. “Jamie's Attic” is a featurette relating to the composers attic as well as what was his inspiration, which clearly wasn't anything to do with the film. Finally we have the galleries and trailers for other movies. While this sounds quite a good package of extras, it isn't. It helps if the extras are good or at least entertaining and they fall far from either criteria here.
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    When writing this review, something someone else had written popped into my mind. “Bad reviews are more fun to write than good reviews” and I understand why now, because it give the poor reviewer some perverse enjoyment out of the movie. This movie is dire, there's no polite way to word it. It sucks all the fun out of the original movie and makes you honestly dread them making another title in the franchise. The only reason I can think of why this got the green light is marketing on the back of a franchise, but so far, only one movie was any good. Please, no more.
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