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by AVForums Aug 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Crazies Review
    This deliciously downbeat film
    from horror maestro George A
    Romero imagines the possible
    outcome of an accidental
    germ warfare outbreak in America.
    The chemical weapon is codenamed
    Trixie and has the unpleasant effect
    of either killing its victims instantly or
    rendering them violently insane. And
    yes, there is no known cure. When
    Trixie is accidentally unleashed on the
    small rural town of Pennsylvania, the
    army quickly moves in to cover it up
    and put things to rights. With the town
    full of trigger-happy soldiers prowling
    the streets, infected maniacs looking
    for their next kill and a small group of
    survivors desperate to leave, is anyone
    expecting a happy ending?
    One of Romero's forgotten movies,
    The Crazies is a wonderful thriller that
    avoids the gore of his better known
    movies, and channels its energy into
    ramping up the paranoia in a story
    that will delight conspiracy theorists.
    Infused with the same documentary
    realism Romero brought to his earlier
    films, this is a hugely effective offering
    that should go down extremely well
    with fans on DVD.

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