The Calcium Kid Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Calcium Kid Review
    Omid Djalili is Herbie Cash, fighting promoter. He is one week away from putting his man Pete Wright (Tamer Hassan) into the ring against the World Champion, but quiet, unassuming milkman Jimmy Connelly (Orlando Bloom) has put a spanner in the works by accidentally injuring the contender...

    An entertaining mockumentary that follows Jimmy and Herbie's five day preparation for the fight. The film is a slice of “Sarrff” London life with characters that could've been pulled straight from an episode of the Fast Show! Notably Jimmy's cockney rapper wannabe mate Stan (hilariously played by Timothy Spall's son Rafe), and Paddy O'Flanagan - Jimmy's elderly and eccentric trainer played by David Kelly of Waking Ned fame.

    There are plenty of well delivered laughs throughout the movie, however not all quite hit the spot nor make up for the distinct lack of any decent plot. Direction is lively taking on jumpy editing style and freeze-frames within the mock-documentary surrounding, but without a clever script attached to the gags and firm direction The Calcium Kid is not much more than a Sunday afternoon matinee.

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