The Brides of Dracula Review

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“Have you heard of the cult of the undead?”

by Chris McEneany Aug 31, 2013 at 6:28 PM

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    The Brides of Dracula Review
    Brides of Dracula is thoroughly entertaining but now, more than ever, it seems like a patchwork quilt of ideas, some developed, some frustratingly left dangling. There are plot holes and idiocies, though most fans will happily brush them aside and simply revel in the glorious mood, the valiant heroics of Van Helsing, the creepy set-pieces and the weird new angles that Hammer were able to bring to a genre that they, themselves, would make ever-staler as the years went by. Interestingly, this is one of their most female-dominated movies, with some considerable work put in by Martita Hunt and Freda Jackson. In fact, the male monster most referred to in the movie is the stuffy and officious Academy director, Lang, himself, who is referred to in petite lady-like jest as an ogre. So the film does some deft manipulations that are worth looking under the radar to find.

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