The Bourne Supremacy Review

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by Phil Hinton Dec 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    The Bourne Supremacy Review
    Supremacy follows on from the unexpectedly popular Identity with Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) and lover Marie Kreutz (Franka Potente), hiding out in Goa. Still trying to remember what happened before his amnesia set in, Bourne is soon the target again as an assassin arrives to finish him off. Making his escape at great cost, Bourne is again after the Bosses at the CIA, unaware that he has been framed for a double murder. Using all his skills as a killer and the strong desire for revenge, the CIA are about to get a nasty wake up call, as is Bourne.

    Whilst not as strong as the original, Supremacy has the required pace and energy to make it an enjoyable sequel with plenty of action along the way. Matt Damon continues to excel in his new action hero role and he manages to add a certain amount of humanity to the character. Casting is also excellent with Brian Cox as the cool headed CIA boss and Joan Allen is an unexpected choice as the CIA operative after Bourne. Add to the mix some excellent direction from Brit Director Paul Greengrass and we are treated to an action film where the audience is thrust into the action. It is however this thrusting and hand held camera work, along with some super fast MTV style cuts that sometimes pull you out of the movie. Don't get me wrong the majority of the camera work is great with an almost documentary feel, but every now and again it gets too much and you fail to follow the action in any detail. Maybe this is deliberate, but I only found it frustrating at times, where Saving Private Ryan used the style to great effect, Supremacy pushes it a little too far making you feel dizzy.

    Overall Supremacy is an excellent sequel which is recommended.

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