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by AVForums Nov 10, 2007 at 12:00 AM

    That Mitchell and Webb Look DVD Review
    SRP: £19.99


    All six episodes from the first series and extra features have all been squeezed onto one disc, and the picture quality is really very poor indeed. The picture is very soft, and lacking in definition with the overall result not being much better than the feed from a Sky box. You will certainly not be buying into a vastly improved transfer over the TV series.

    Two other faults that often reared their ugly head was artefacting and edge enhancement. The source material was probably not the best for this release, as I would imagine the budget for the series was not particularly high. However, this cannot disguise the fact that this is one of the worst DVD transfers I have seen in the last few years, regardless of its source.


    The soundtrack is your standard dolby stereo track. There is nothing particularly wrong with this track, but again the lack of budget means that it does not scream quality at you either. Sound is well placed, with dialogue clear, but sometimes the audience laughter and music can rather overwhelm the dialogue. The laughter track also sounds "canned" - almost as if it was added on later. Adequate, but not spectacular.
    That Mitchell and Webb Look Sound


    Outtakes (5 mins) is a collection of sketches that got slightly messed up and had to be re-filmed. This is not a funny collection of bloopers, but simply minor mistakes - and does not have any replay value. We then have a selection of Unseen Sketches which is quite frankly unfunny. These sketches were considered not good enough for the main show - and the decision was quite clearly correct. Finally, we have the best extra of the lot The Making Of documentary. Made by James Bachman, this takes a fly on the wall approach to the documentary. Starting with a brief summary of the duo's career to date, it then goes on to explore the machinations behind a sketch show like this in surprising depth. An excellent documentary.
    That Mitchell and Webb Look Extras


    Fans of the series will want this DVD in order to relive their favourite moments. They will appreciate the extras, in particular the Making Of - but they may feel less enamoured with the picture and sound quality.

    Those who have yet to watch this series may well be advised to rent before buying, however, as this comedy is certainly an acquired taste and may not be your cup of tea.
    That Mitchell and Webb Look Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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