Tears of the Sun Review

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by Phil Hinton Aug 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Tears of the Sun Review
    LT. Waters (Bruce Willis) returns with his platoon of soldiers to an aircraft carrier just off the African coast having just completed his mission. Even before he can take a breath his commander is tasking him to return to Nigeria and rescue an American doctor (Monica Bellucci) working with a mission in the Jungle, before the rebels get to her first. After having some food and a quick briefing they head out to complete their latest mission. When the beautiful doctor refuses to leave the camp without the refugees in her care, Waters has to choose between following orders or his conscience. Together they begin to trek through the Jungle with a troop of refugees heading for the Cameroon border, all the time being followed by a Rebel militia group determined to assassinate LT Waters and the refugees in his care.
    Right from the start you just don't know who is who in Willis's group, there is no introduction to any characters apart from Willis and the love interest doctor. We are forced straight into the action and then spend most of the movie following the refugees through the jungle, stopping and starting (and Yawning). The movie towards the end does pick up the pace somewhat but you are just so separated from the characters that you just don't care who dies and who makes it. I just feel that the script needed at least three more reworks, and that most of the Jungle walking could have been shortened and tightened to help the pacing and character development. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) does his best to keep things going, but you just feel that everyone was fighting against a half finished script.

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