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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Tarzan 2 Review
    Not so much a sequel to Disney's 1999 hit Tarzan, more a prequel. Tarzan 2 tells the story of Tarzan as a child and the adventures he has. After running away from his family because he feels he doesn't fit in and is different, he discovers that the legend of the 'Zugor', a frightening and powerful monster that haunts the forbidden part of the jungle is not all it's made out to be and together they embark on an adventure and realise that being different does not have to be a weakness and that family is the most important source of strength.

    Tarzan 2 is a 'straight to video' release and without sounding too critical, it shows! That's not to say it isn't any good, only it doesn't have quite the polish and class of the first movie. They have certainly tried to give this film a dose of credibility by again recruiting some of the talent from the original such as Glenn Close as Kala, Lance Henriksen (who only manages a few grunts) as Kerchak and also once again, Phil Collins supplies a few songs of which two are brand new but not a patch on his Oscar winning score for the first Tarzan I have to say.

    The story is also a little uninspired. It appears to have taken ideas from many other Disney movies and frapped them in this blender of a film. Whereas the original appealed to both a young and a more mature audience, this offering is most definitely aimed more at the younger viewers out there. But for all of my apparent criticisms, this is still an enjoyable and entertaining animation. Disney movies are all about morals, values, love and hope and this is no exception. It reeks of sentiment and some may find this a little too hard to stomach but if you are a fan of Disney, or animated movies in general, then this is still a well crafted, albeit slightly typical, Disney animation.

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