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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Swingers Review
    Swingers is about love. Pure and simple. It's about Mike (Favreau), a normal guy who's loved and lost his girlfriend of 6 years. It's been over for 6 months, yet he still can't get on with his life, as he's totally hung up over it. So much so, he can't even get a date as he blows every meeting. So he's got his mates, whom try and coax him to being a normal guy as opposed to the crushed shell of a man he currently is, of whom the main friend would be Trent (Vaughn), who is the cool friend (you've all got one). Even though Trent is the cool friend, he's a complete jerk really - you can't like him totally as he's not totally redeemable. But you relate totally with Mike, from his ability to kill conversations unintentionally, down to the dating rituals of when you should call someone (two days apparently). So we follow what seems to be around a week or so in Mike (and his friends life) from him being at a very low ebb to seemingly on the right road.Well yes, that is a really short synopsis of a movie, but the premise is that simple - we've all been rejected emotionally and our friends try and pull us out of the funk we are in and put us back on the social scene. On that level, we can easily, as man or woman, relate to the movie completely. The biggest issue, arguably, is that the movie has its own language. It's totally money when they go looking for babies, as is it when you have the explanation that the baby over there is nothing but a little frightened rabbit. If that makes no sense to you - you've not seen this movie at all. Since this movie, Vince Vaughn has moved on to bigger things, as has Jon Favreau (Dodgeball & Elf respectively spring to mind), as has the director Doug Liman (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), so it's good to see where they were only 9 years ago - Vaughn looking considerably thinner! It does have a reasonable amount of swearing prevalent in the film, but if you aren't adverse to such language, then there's much to enjoy here and at its heart, it's a really sweet movie. In fact the scene with Mike and the phone conversation at the end - speaks volumes.

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