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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

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    The picture is presented in a standard 4:3 TV format. Interviews with the stars are in studios against a black backdrop, and are clean and sharp with accurate colour rendition. Edge enhancement is a problem as is pixelation. Check the border between David Vines shoulder and the black backdrop for examples of this. The footage from the original show is awful. If you can think of a picture fault then this has it. There is smearing, large areas of blocking, poor colour balance and dreadful colour banding, as well as scratches and more grain than a storage silo. That said in 1973 when this was broadcast, colour TV was still a spotty teenager and this was probably cutting edge for the time.
    Superstars: Best Of The Best Picture


    The interviews are provided in Dolby stereo but it's hardly worth the effort. The vintage footage is in mono that has been mixed to stereo but again you wonder why. There's not much else to say, as apart from the opening theme tune it is all spoken word. It will sound the same on your 14” portable, as it will through your Tag pre/power combo.
    Superstars: Best Of The Best Sound


    The extras include nine further interviewed scenes with Vine and Co. I must say that these could have easily been cut into the documentary making it probably 15 minutes longer, so to call them an extra is a bit of a cheat, still they are interesting. Also included are the biographies of a dozen or so of the most famous sportsmen, and a short feature on why the series was so popular. This is padding and will only be given a cursory glance.
    Superstars: Best Of The Best Extras


    You need to be of a certain vintage to enjoy this DVD but if you are you will spend an indulgent 90 minutes enjoying Superstars all over again, as well as harking back to a time when a sportsman was more than an overpaid clothes horse, or fashion model. The sound and picture are sub VHS, and the extras are uninspiring, but that's not what this disc is all about. Watch and enjoy.
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